What is Kinoblogeri?

“Kinoblogeri” is a group of film bloggers, lovers, enthusiasts & fans who not only publicly write and talk about films, but also host the best film premieres and screenings in Latvia, and are passionate advocates of theatrical film experience! Our story so far:

In Spring of 2012 group of Latvia’s biggest film bloggers decided to form an alliance to create new type of events that were entirely missing from latvian film scene – special screenings for film lovers and enthusiasts, a place to gather with friends and like-minded people to watch hot anticipated new film! After quick discussion we settled on perfect launch film – Drew Goddard’s & Joss Whedon’s “Cabin in the Woods”, which later became our inspiration and almost-offical logo! The premiere screening went gangbusters, audience instantly embraced the new format and it was only uphill from there – geek-friendly pics (“Prometheus”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “The Hobbit” trilogy) were shown alongside more sophisticated fare (“Looper”, “Killing Them Softly”, “Spring Breakers”), in the meantime introducing latvian filmgoers to new and exciting autheurs, genres and films! Take a look at one of our events:

To this day we’ve hosted more than 70 film premiere screenings, making them a de facto destination of Latvia’s film fans. Our screenings are special because of the extra-care that goes into them – they all feature 15-20min introductionary “lecture” (both educational & entertaining) that compliments the film in some way, a film-centered contest with great prizes, and special screening-only poster from acclaimed local poster artist Harry Grundmann that is printed only once. And all that for the regular ticket price – we’ve made biggest local multiplex Kino Citadele our home base, and the only catch is that each screening is only hosted once (and if you miss it, you miss it).

Not to mention special, Hollywood level surprises for our guests – be it video-greetings from directors Rian Johnson (“Looper”) or Edgar Wright (The Cornetto Trilogy), Machete-wielding Danny Trejo or The Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman! We’ve also had producer of “Machete Kills” and “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” and stars of Lithuanian blockbuster “Redirected” in attendance – you never know what you’ll get at the “Kinoblogeri piedāvā” screening, but you know that it will be awesome!

Due to lack of dedicated film programs on regular television we felt need to fill that gap with our at least internet-based show – we also reach our audience through online discussion show “Kinoblogeri Runā”. In cozy and homelike environment we cover latest news, gossips, local and major film related events. Nowdays it continues to live on as weekly radio show on hot local youth channel Pieci.lv

Recently we’ve taken the task of distributing our own films – after seeing market niche and demand for such product. Our film distribution company “Spektrs” not only works with all major cinemas and online distribution platforms in Latvia, but also hosts yearly film festival of the same name. But that is a whole different story altogether – to be continued…